About Us

In 1986, the Moody’s Rating Agency assigned the Italian public debt an assessment with a numerical indicator of 21, which translated into letters means the maximum, that is, the famous, coveted “Triple A”. Soon after, in order to market prestigious properties in Costa del Sol (Spain) through innovative financial solutions, the “Tripla A Consulting” work team was born in Rome. Subsequently, the operational horizons in real estate consulting and home staging in Europe and the States were expanded, networking, collaborating with well-known brands and with qualified international intermediaries. AAAC (Real Estate Agency in Rome) now operates directly in the real estate brokerage, under the renewed working team coordinated by the Business Representative in charge of the Mediation of which Art. 11 d.m. 452/90 Real Estate Agent Dr Roberto Gallozzi with Registration in the Role of Business Agents in Mediation at the C.C.I.A.A. in Rome No.1539905. University Degree in Economics, an ethical as well as Renaissance vision of business, extensive experiences in the fields of the arts (cinema, advertising, photography, music) non-profit publishing and finance (insurance, credit brokerage), make this Real Estate Broker a safe, unique reference point. Commercial collaborations with the most well-known real estate brands, excellent contacts, aptitude to innovate and to team up, allow now AAAC to process requests and offers of real estate of all price groups, offering in fact to everyone the opportunity to benefit from the best services, proving that no deal is too big or too small, reaching very high sales records. AAAC employs ongoing collaborations of well-known high-profile professionals who can provide technical, tax, legal, commercial advice. Finally, it is worth highlighting that AAAC is a green-oriented company and that it actively participates in charitable initiatives of an international nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a high standard of respect in collaboration and commitment that will provide clients a sense of security and cooperation. AAAC is dedicated to meet the needs and desires of clients to purchase the perfect home. When you speak of your dream home, we hear every word and it means business.

“Your Dream Home is our Dream Home”

We are the group for you!

From the original “Triple A Consulting” work team created in 1986, which stands out for its reliability, style and additional services offered. In fact, a short study is sufficient to realize that AAAC is unique in its kind, being able to offer its customers advice and assistance from the estimate, to pure brokerage, up to other useful services when buying, selling. changes.