piazza Barberini, Roma

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piazza Barberini, Roma </br></br><span class="woocommerce-Price-amount">Prezzo su richiesta</span>

Prezzo su richiesta
300 m²

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Descrizione Prodotto

For those who love to live in history, we offer two levels with an attic in a 15th century palace with breathtaking views of the history of art, a heritage of humanity. This luxurious, unrepeatable, very central apartment on two levels, one of which is beautifully renovated, is currently used as a high-turnover Boutique Hotel. The ancient building has never had elevators, the location is ultra-serviced and the residence boasts parquet floors, precious ceramics, exposed beams, hot / cold systems. Due to the particularly high income (over 90% average occupancy rate of customers), one can also feel free to maintain the current (even partial) use of the Boutique Hotel. Request lowered to € 2,950,000.

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